Born in the Dominican Republic at a young age influenced by his elder siblings which used to listen to hip-hop artists like Shabba Ranks, Run Dmc, Kool Moe Dee, etc., and also underground which is now Reggae ton artists like Vico-C, Ruben DJ, El General and the list goes on. He also got infatuated with dancing watching Michael Jackson when he was a kid. At the age of 12 he moved to Guaynabo City, Puerto Rico where he found interest in what was called Underground/Reggae-ton at the time, and also for hip hop as a culture.

At the Young age of thirteen started break-dancing and assisting underground party’s and concerts, which at the same time exposed him to the music industry. Most of his friends during his teenage years were club owners, DJ’s, and Break-dancers.   The type of crowd he was around all the time inspired him to write and compose many lyrics, due to the fact that at the age of 16 he was already in college. Party and writing were his hobbies all the time until September 27, 2003 when he lost his mother along with a notebook with more than a hundred songs.

In 2005 he met a Video Director named Hector “El Flaco” Figueroa which opened a lot of doors for him in the Music industry in Puerto Rico, soon after he worked as a production assistant in Puerto Rico. In 2007 he traveled to the United States spent all of his free time writing his thoughts, feelings and experiences on paper, for 3 years he held back, then finally in 2011 he participated on a search for talent in a local club and it was all uphill from there. With another opportunity in life and people who believed in him Vlasco decided to record his first single featuring “Royal Legacy” on a song titled “Feel The Pain”, the remix was done alongside Chosen Few Recording Artist “ReyChesta”.

On April 8th, 2011, his first performance, he opened up for Fuego. He surprised everyone, this show opened a lot of doors of opportunities for him. Weeks later he was booked to open up for Cosculluela on on April 22nd, 2011. On July 8th three months after his first performance Mr. “Mas Dinero” opened up for Sensato Del Patio, after doing such a great show he was booked to open up for him the next day in another city bringing to the table a repertory of new songs for his current work on his upcoming mix-tape “EL Traficante” and his album “La Oveja Negra”; there are several featured artists on both of these projects both known and unknown but this is what is all about exposure and helping each other out.

Now part of DLS PREMIERE, Vlasco decided to take it upon himself to get known and to try to help everyone that needs a little help along with him as long as they have talent.

I would like to thank DLS Premiere, Club Ambis 1, D.R.E. Promotions, High Klass Entertainment, L.G.T. Studios, Royal Legacy, Reychesta, Amalh Mendelsohn, DJ Gallo, My Family, and my Fans thank you very much for your support and for your time, there is more to come this is just the beginning and keep in mind is never too late to prosper last but not least My Sister Vania I Love You and Thanks for all of your support.

Follow your dreams, never give up and live life for yourself not for others for it is the only way to be happy doing what you love to do, believe in yourself. I made a choice and look what it brought me…. Nothing comes easy in life…. Stay humble!  

Yours Truly